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About Our Lady’s Rose Garden

Born in Watertown, New York, Nancy Piazza grew up in a large Catholic family and attended a neighborhood Catholic school, where she developed a life-long devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary (thanks to Sister Damien). After college, she married, and taught high school English in Albany, New York, for 36 years. A mother of three beautiful children, she tried her best to serve both family and career.

Teaching in an inner-city high school was not always easy, so she often sought out the Blessed Mother for guidance. With Our Lady’s help, she faced daily challenges, usually entering the classroom with a quick Hail Mary. Carrying a rosary (her lifeline) was not always possible, but she discovered a solution in the form of a 5-decade Rosary Wrap Bracelet, which she began to wear daily, as a constant reminder that Mary was with her. Nothing has ever made her feel closer or more connected to the Blessed Mother. With Mary, as co-mother and co-teacher, Nancy found the inspirations, solutions, and peace she needed, especially during the most trying moments.

Her students often noticed her pretty, sparkly “bracelet” and frequently asked about it, and she was happy to comply, as this opened a door to more interpersonal relationships with students. Family and friends also were attracted to this stylish piece of “jewelry.” So she tried to find  5-decade rosary bracelets to give as gifts, but couldn’t find the quality, style, or that “perfect” rosary for that particular person . . . that special, one of a kind, distinctive rosary bracelet.

Thus, was born Our Lady’s Rose Garden, a venture which grew out of Nancy’s desire to create and to share her personally-designed and handcrafted 5-decade Rosary bracelets, a stunning collection with a bold, modern, yet elegant flair, that appeals to the unique tastes and styles of every personality.

To this end, she designs with a variety of quality materials: Swarovski and Czech crystal, pearl, natural gemstone, sea glass, and many-hued wooden beads. Crucifixes, miraculous medals, religious charms, and spacer beads come in various metals, including sterling silver, silver and gold-filled, vermeil, silver and gold-plated and other base metals. For convenience and comfort, durable carbon steel memory wire adjusts each rosary bracelet to your perfect wrist size and slips on and off with ease.

Become a member of Our Lady’s Rose Garden, when you purchase a Rosary bracelet. The word “Rosary” comes from the word “Rose.” Every time you pray a “Hail Mary,” you offer Mother Mary a beautiful long-stemmed rose. With every Rosary, you present her with a magnificent spiritual bouquet of roses. Mary herself has said, “Your prayers directed to me are the most beautiful roses of love for me. I cannot but be where I sense the the scent of roses.”

Enter Our Lady’s Rose Garden wrapped in the Rosary, and enjoy Mary’s unfailing love, guidance, and protection.